The manufacturer said that the higher payload of the vehicle was in line with the current trend towards larger converter sizes, and the U-frame design dramatically reduces pick-up and set-down times. The carrier is powered by a Caterpillar C15 diesel engine.

The single-axle prime mover pulls a 5.8m long and 4.35m high slag pot, with a capacity of 45 cu m and a standard tipping angle of up to 130°. The rear end of the vehicle encircles, the slag pot which is then lifted to the designated transport height.

Kamag said that the 2800 series slag pot carriers are used, for example, for handling slag pots in areas of restricted heights, such as driving through production facility doorways. The main advantages of this series are the low pick-up height and short pick-up time. The vehicle can easily be modified for the transportation of molten steel.