One of Hewden’s new Demags

Mark Hierons, Head of Cranes at Hewden says:  “After talking to our customers and analysing their hiring patterns, we found that approximately 96% of cranes hired, prior to the re-alignment in August, were for cranes under 100 tonnes. So our strategy was simple. The money gained from divesting of our fleet of cranes over 100 tonnes, has now been reinvested to ensure that we give customers more of what they want. We purchased these particular models because they are the most technologically advanced, with excellent reliability and the best overall performance of any cranes available.”

In the six months since changing the focus to offering cranes up to 100 tonnes, the company’s overall crane investment has totalled £8 million. 

The new fleet additions, as well as the divestment of a number of its older cranes, will also mean further improvements in the age profile of the fleet.

“By changing our business model to give an improved service offering to our customers, we’re also now in a position to consolidate our position as number two in the UK and grow the business further,” added Mark Hierons.