The head sculpture has been designed by artist Joseph Hillier for the In Our Image art project and has been installed at Aycliffe Business Park. The sculpture consists of a 10m-high head and shoulders on a 6m-high base. Five laser-cut figures are welded to the steel grid that forms the front of the structure to appear as if working on it, with the back open as if incomplete.

The sculpture was produced by local steel fabricator Aycliffe Fabrications, where it needed to be sandblasted and painted. In order to minimise the risk of damage when complete, and to reduce disruption to business operations at the business park, Brownfield Contracts hired Hewden to carry out a contract lift to move the head into place.

This saw Hewden use the 80t capacity crane and two 60/34 cherry pickers, with four of Hewden’s operating staff on site to oversee the lift and operate the equipment.

“This is the first big Hewden contract lift that we have undertaken,” said Brian White of Brownfield Contracts.

“To work alongside people who do this kind of thing day in day out has made a massive difference; the whole operation was both professional and ran smoothly.”