Hiab launches super heavy loader crane

23 September 2022

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New range-topper loader crane from Hiab comes with advanced control system.

Loader crane manufacturer Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched its biggest on-road loader crane to date: the iQ.1388 HiPro.

The 135 tonne metre (tm) super heavy loader crane is equipped with the new advanced control system SPACEevo, designed for improved productivity and safer operations for veteran and novice operators alike, says Hiab.

It also has a V10-Force decagonal profile, first used in the Effer 1000, to provide increased strength for vertical performance and improved overall precision. A Load Stability System for vertical movements (LSS-V) is designed to compensate for unintentionally excessive lever movement in vertical operations, while Hiab says its Variable Stability Logic PLUS (VSL+) stability feature optimises lifting capacity whilst maintaining safety by monitoring the position of and pressure on each stabiliser leg.

The crane is suitable for several types of applications as it has a high lifting capacity yet it can be installed on a four-axle 32 GVW truck, making it suitable for operation in metropolitan areas. The size advantage also helps to keep purchase and operating costs down, and reduce CO2 emissions, Hiab adds.

It also has a variable pump, for increased flow performances and reduced fuel consumption and Hiab’s nDurance nano-based technology coating which is designed to provide long-lasting protection of the crane and its parts from corrosion, rust or external environmental factors that would affect its appearance and residual value over time.

In-built connectivity means owners can access Hiab’s HiConnect technology which provides real-time insights into equipment use.

“This is not just simply a new model. It is the answer to a long-time customer request, a super heavy crane with our most advanced control system features, designed to carry out demanding and challenging heavy lifts in the most effective way. Operators and customers will appreciate how each part of the crane has been designed to excel, from a precision, safety and speed point of view,” says Marcel Boxem, Director, Global Product Management, Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy, Hiab.

The Hiab iQ.1388 HiPro shares parts and controls with the other iQ. and iX range cranes. This makes it easier for operators to use different size cranes and owners of multiple units can lower their warehouse inventory by storing common spare parts that can be used across iX and iQ cranes.

For peace of mind, customers can purchase a ProCare service contract to secure original performance with regular preventative maintenance checks and scheduled inspections. Repairs are covered as part of the most extensive package, ProCare Total R&M. Launch activities will start during the fall of 2022 and sales and ordering details will follow.