The device has an aluminum housing and an IP67-compliant protective case. It particularly suitable for use in vehicles with a turnabble superstructure, according to the manufacturer.

The encoder has a gray-coded sampling disk with 14 tracks (incl. monitor and interpolation track) which are scanned via infrared diodes and phototransistors with a resolution of 13 bit. The node ID 32 and a Baud rate of 20 kBaud are set as standard. Depending on the application, these values can be reconfigured via SDO-telegrams to a range of 20 kBaud to 1 MBaud or from 0 to 89. The rotary encoder, with a power supply designed for 10-30-Volt direct current, has a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. It also offers a high EMC, vibration and shock resistance.