HMF’s contract with Wilcox began six years ago when Wilcox gave specifications for the design of the cranes.

The latest crane, the 1075-K2, was released just last month. It was designed to lift and empty bottom opening textile containers weighing up to 800kg, using a bottle bank-type attachment, and make an average of 50 pickups per day including urgent pickups for full bins.

Wilcox’s fleet includes already includes 15 Iveco-based trucks that have radio-controlled cranes with lifting capacities of 10tM.

The cranes are mounted on high-sided alloy tipping bodies manufactured by Leeward Truck Bodies and feature automatically retractable covers and underfloor tipping gear supplied by Harsh.

Martin Wilcox praised HMF’s engineering. He said, “The build quality is quite something – even with cranes that are five years old we’ve not suffered anything beyond routine wear and tear, while HMF’s engineer Graham Cook provides an excellent, quarterly maintenance service.”

Wilcox, in business since 1985, operates a fleet of 55 commercial vehicles, which are designed to retrieve 750,000kg of clothing from 2,500 collection points, and take them to a facility in Bilston, West Midlands. There they are processed for export to Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.