HSC updates crawlers

15 May 2024

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New versions of SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3 from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co.

Tokyo, Japan-headquartered crane manufacturer Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co. (HSC) has announced new versions of its SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3 crawler cranes. The updated versions focus on offering increased safety, and are more environmentally friendly, says HSC.

The cranes have EU Stage V Cummins B6.7 engines and an advanced control system (with ECO winch mode and auto idle stop functions) designed for energy-efficient operation. The engine can also run on biodiesel and other bio diesel fuel (BDF; B20) or

hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Another key upgrade is the new moment limiter system with a large 12.1-inch touchscreen display. The display provides live readouts of counterweight specifications, the ground contact pressure, and it has a list and trim indicator.

The comfort of the crane operator has been catered for via a new cab with a heated seat. A new lower headrest is designed to cater for operators wearing helmets while new insulating glass has been used for the roof window to shut out more than 90% of UV and mid-infrared light.

Outside the cab safety has been improved with the standardisation of the handrails on the catwalks and easier access.

 Finally, a new winch system has improved hydraulic circuits, says HSC, while optional monitoring via a rotation sensor is designed to provide better synchronous movement of the front and rear winches.

The SCX1800A-3
The SCX1000A-3