Hydraulic gantry from Enerpac

21 October 2022

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New 600 tonne SBL debuts at Bauma.

Enerpac is launching new 600 tonne capacity hydraulic gantry: the SBL600. The gantry will debut at the Bauma show next week.

The latest addition to Enerpac’s SBL-Super Boom Lift hydraulic gantry range comprises a three-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder with rectangular boom for increased capacity and first stage lifting capacity of 674 tonnes and 416 tonnes at the third stage.

The SBL600 has a lifting height of 10.6m which Enerpac says makes it suitable, for example, for placing gas turbine generators and power transformers in powerplants.

It is a good fit between the SBL500 and SBL900 gantries with lifting heights of 8.6 m and 11.3 m respectively, adds Enerpac.

“Ease of transportation is key benefit of the new gantry,” said Jeremy Stubbs, commercial director, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. “A foldable boom allows for shipping on stand-ard flatbed trucks without special permitting and routing. In addition, with the self-weight less than 9100kg, the SBL600 allows for transport of two legs on a single road truck trailer.”

The new EMV-Series E-mover battery-powered load skate will also be demonstrated. It is a self-propelled skate featuring a central load bearing plate. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Enerpac MLS-Series wheeled load skates. The E-mover on show at Bauma will include a hydraulic lifting cylinder in place of a load bearing plate and has a 50t load capacity split between the E-mover and wheeled load skate. The self-propelled skate and lifting cylinder are operated by a wireless remote control.

Enerpac’s SCJ-Series 50t Cube Jacks, a larger JS-Series JS-250 Jack-Up, strand jacks, a multi-point lifting EVO system, low height skidding systems and trolley systems, the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry, and the ETT-Series Turntable capable of handling loads up to 400t will also be demonstrated at Bauma.