Electric cranes are best for customers whose lifting needs are fairly light and whose duty cycles are intermittent, the company says. However, customers who need to lift more than 6,000 pounds (2.7t) or who use the crane more than once or twice a day will need a hydraulic telescopic crane.

IMT has been selling Dominator DSC20 and Dominator I service bodies with electric telescopic cranes mounted on the Dodge Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis, as well as the Sterling Bullet chassis Class 4 and 5 chassis since the service bodies were introduced in 2007.

“The electrical integration with the Dodge Ram and Sterling Bullet chassis did not allow for simple operation of high-idle or remote start/stop,” said Tim Worman, product manager of commercial vehicles for IMT. “So the engineers at IMT took this challenge and faced it head-on, working with engineers at Dodge to ensure product integrity. Now we can easily integrate engine high-idle operation and remote start/stop for use with the hydraulic cranes.”