Meerwind Suedost GMBH seeks tenders for the installation of an offshore windfarm, and ongoing maintenance.

Deadline: 29 October 2007

Contact: Herrn Falkenhagen, D-12555 Berlin. Tel. ++49/(0)30 6501 7700. Fax ++49/(0)30 6501 7706.

Establish an offshore wind park, approx. 23 km northwest of Helgoland with 80 wind turbines, generating 2.5 MW to 6 MW each, and 2 transformer stations, including wiring connection and start-up as well as maintenance logistics.

Wind farm. Offshore.

Wind-power installation works. Offshore.

Wind-energy generators. Offshore.

Offshore fabrication work.

Pile driving. Offshore.

Installation of cable laying. Offshore.

Underwater cable.

Substation equipment. Offshore.

Steel towers.

Repair, maintenance and associated services related to marine and other


Structural steelworks.

Floating cranes.

Transport by water of bulk goods.

Miscellaneous water transport support services.

Offshore installation services.

Steel tubes and fittings.

Water transport services.

Submarine cable.

Medium-voltage cable.

Power cable.