The six cranes included two new and recently-delivered MRT234 flat top tower cranes, ordered by Irish Cranes to add to their existing fleet. “Our fleet is a total of 35 cranes now, of which 30 are Raimondi models” explained Robert Coffey, sales manager. “We decided on the new MRT234 because of its excellent load chart while still being on the versatile 1.7m towers” he added.

The first MRT234, positioned on Cardiff Lane, has a 45m jib length and 49m height-under-hook (HUH), while the second, on North Circular Road, has a HUH of 46m and jib length of 55m. Both are fitted with the Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin.

The company’s other Raimondi cranes include three MRT213s with HUHs ranging from 57m to 33m, and one MR153 with a HUH of 30m and a jib length of 48m. “These cranes have short jibs for lifting precast panels for cladding the outside of the buildings. The cranes will also be lifting steel and concrete during the concrete frame build, and are expected to be onsite between 12 to 18 months,” he said.

Irish Cranes provided a five-member team for the install periods, with each crane requiring one day for complete erection. “In addition to the short lead time for the bespoke paint requested by our client, logistics on this site was complex due to the large excavation dig happening simultaneously. More than 80 trucks per day were entering the site during the time of crane erections.”

The development—under leading building contractor Walls Construction working on behalf of Marlet Property Group—is one of many of that company’s jobsites that Irish Cranes is supplying heavy lifting machinery to and site support when needed.