The more compact design allows a larger loading area with an unchanged overall length.

The length of a combined retractable gooseneck with a 2-axle dolly bogie is equal to the length of a 2-axle compact dolly.

The companies achieved this compactness by off-set coupling between the axle lines of the dolly bogie unit.

The companies provide the unit as a semi trailer combination with a selection of compact dollys, dolly bogie units and platform trailers with different numbers of axle lines and permissible axle loads.

Scheuerle and Nicolas have designed the rear bogie unit with a wider 900mm vehicle body, which rides 550mm above the surface of the road, making the unit suitable for transporting large excavator arms.

The companies have also weight-optimsied the entire vehicle to increase capacity.

The new vehicle is highly maneuverable with a 65° steering angle on the front pendulum axle dolly and 60 ° for the rear bogie.
Scheuerle and Nicolas will exhibit the EuroCompact for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show on September 20-27 in Hanover, Germany.