This includes lifting large components, handling bundles of long materials and carrying out maintenance and assembly work with an optional personnel basket.

The Jib-Master series is available in four models; JB-1, which offers a fixed horizontal, 12ft manual telescopic boom and no boom lift; JB-2, with 12ft manual telescopic boom and manually adjustable boom angle for lifting higher, taller items; JB-4, with a powered hydraulic boom lift and a 12.5ft powered telescopic boom for straight up and down lifting without rotation; and JB-4R, which has a powered hydraulic boom lift, 12.5ft powered telescopic boom and powered rotation allowing up to 150 degrees when installed on a forklift and 360 degree rotation when mounted on a truck or pedestal base.

JB-4R is available with four pedestal options for permanent or temporary mounting, including 2ft², 3ft², 4ft² and 5ft². The Jib-Master series can be used for field work by mounting onto a truck,

“These unique options and configurations make the Jib-Master a very versatile piece of equipment for many applications,” Air Technical Industries says. “It can be used for bulk handling, the handling of long structural or roll items, maintenance work, assembly work, or used as an all-around crane for lifting, handling and transporting large parts and other miscellaneous items.”