With an excess of business opportunities and a shortage of resources to exploit it, Jost wanted to expand its manufacturing capacities.

At an open house event at the end of 2005, Jost Cranes showed three models and immediately attracted the attention of the tower crane community – especially in the UK.

Kranenbouw was granted the OEM licence to produce the topless crane JT 112.8.

Electrical and mechanical parts will be supplied by Jost Cranes, while steel structures will come from the AMS factory in Arneburg, Germany and different suppliers throughout Europe.

As for the JT 312.12 and JT 352.12, Kranenbouw will purchase all parts from Jost and assemble the cranes themselves. However, these cranes are not comprised in the OEM agreement, just the JT 112.8.

The first JT 312.12, a flat top unit, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 12t and lifts 1.8t at 80m, is scheduled to leave the Kranenbouw factory at the end of this month and will be erected immediately on the jobsite of a major Benelux contractor.

The first series of JT 312.12s will be followed by a series of JT 352.12s, which have been already sold to the UK.

With around 150 cranes in its rental fleet, comprising mainly Liebherr models, Kranenbouw has become one of the key players in the Benelux. It supplies cranes to all countries in Europe and is also active in Russia, the Middle East and in the African and American continents.

Edwin van Zitteren, managing director of Kranenbouw said: “We have developed our own tower cranes and have previously explored the possibility of working as an OEM with other crane manufacturers in the Far East and Spain.”

He added: “Due to high demand of new tower cranes from the Middle East, Russia, USA and some European countries, major manufacturers have their order books full.”