Jost Cranes, the tower crane manufacturer established by Franc Jost, has received its first orders . They have come from customers in southeast Asia.

The company has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and has a base in Southeast Asia. Jost said that he had financial backing from “an Asian group associated with German automobile industries”.

Steelwork fabrication is carried out in Slovenia by crane manufacturer Metalna. Components come from German suppliers.

Orders received by Jost Cranes so far are for the following models: • JT 300-12 – a flat-top crane with a 75m jib that lifts 2.7t at jib end and has a maximum capacity of 12t. Two units are scheduled for delivery to Peters Holdings in Malaysia in May and two should be delivered in June to Buildmart in Singapore.

`• JL 243-16 – a luffing crane that lifts 4.7t at 50m and has a maximum capacity of 16t. Four units of this model have been ordered by a Singapore shipyard.

• JL 633-40 – a luffing crane that lifts 5.7t at 70m and has a maximum capacity of 40t.

Franc Jost has been a leading crane designer in Germany for many years. Much of his career was with Peiner, where he designed the sliding ballast system for the luffing SN series from the 86tm-rated SN 86 to the 630tm SN 630, and the 1,000tm SN 1000. He also designed Peiner’s SK series, from the SK 56 to the SK 400, with different types of tower top.

After leaving Peiner he joined BKT, for whom he produced new flat-top crane designs, from the BK 50 to the BK 222, as well as the BKT luffing cranes with moving bar ballast system widely used in Asia.

In 1997 Jost joined Comedil to help it fill out its product range with larger horizontal slewing and luffing models. At Comedil Jost designed the CTT 331 to CTT 561 models as well as the CTL 400 luffer with the JOMOBA (Jost moving ballast) system.

When Comedil was taken over by Terex, Jost went freelance before setting up Jost Cranes which makes its formal debut in public at the Bauma fair this month.