Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has released a new platform for Kalmar’s digital services. Available since 1 November 2021, MyKalmar is the single point of access for Kalmar customers to oversee their Kalmar fleets.

MyKalmar is the next step as Kalmar continues to support customers with value-adding digital solutions. The platform is versatile so it fits the precise needs of each user. The overall goal is to help customers increase productivity, improve safety and lower their CO2 footprint.

MyKalmar helps customers gain greater transparency about their material handling solutions and services. Examples include contract information, lists of Kalmar equipment at their operations and spare part order history. It allows parts ordering and tracking, as well as case management and tracking for automation support customers. MyKalmar also includes data from the connected fleet and maintenance activities by Kalmar.

The platform is a combination of Kalmar’s previous services – such as MyParts and Kalmar Insight – but also contains new services. The company says it is a launchpad for further development with old digital solutions being refined and new ones developed. Kalmar says MyKalmar will better serve its customers by acting as a platform for these new solutions. 

Laura Hokkanen, service business design manager at Kalmar, said “MyKalmar is a user-friendly digital platform where customers can benefit from greater transparency and control over their maintenance activities, parts ordering and equipment performance, helping them improve their operational performance, safety and efficiency across their entire fleet.”

Thomas Malmborg, senior vice president, services, Kalmar Mobile Solutions, said, “The future is very exciting when it comes to our digital solutions and the opportunities it will open up for customers, the industry and our three motives: safety, sustainability and productivity. However, one very important thing for us is that the experience of working with Kalmar's digital solutions is simple, creates value and generates proactive insights. MyKalmar is a shining example of just that.”