The TCO project is the largest deal in Sarens history.  Cranes Today interviewed Sarens CEO Wim Sarens and director of global operations Carl Sarens about the scope of the job and its importance to the company in its November 2016 issue.

Among the equipment purchased by Sarens are Kamag K25 self-propelled modular trailers with 1060 HP power output as well as Kamag K24 modular trailers. This order raises Sarens’ self-propelled fleet to over 2,000 axle lines built by the TII Group.

At the Kazakhstan construction site, Sarens has been contracted to off-load, store, stack, and transport the modules to their respective installation points.

On site, two huge combinations of the Kamag K25 SP form the backbone of all transport operations: 92 axle lines driven by four 1060 HP double Power Packs including K 25 SP 8 models with four driven axles and further 92 axle lines driven by four 530 HP Power Packs.

“With the new double Power Packs, we can supply sufficient drive performance for the job; furthermore, Sarens will be able to re-integrate the equipment into its regular standard fleet afterwards by splitting them up into four single units” says Axel Müller, president TII Group.