This acquisition will help the firm meet the current high demand for equipment with a maximum lifting capacity of over 90t.

Two crane packages that held mainly rough terrains and crawlers, ranging in capacities from 40 to 824USt, were delivered in May and in July.

The May nine-crane package held a slew of rough terrains and two crawlers.

It was topped by the huge Manitowoc 18000 crawler, which has a lifting capacity of 750t (825USt) when equipped with Manitowoc’s Maxer attachment.

All said that the 18000 would be ideal for bridge work, powerhouse projects, wind farms thanks to its high capacity, mobility, and a small footprint.

All bought an additional crawler, a 272t (300USt) Manitowoc 2250, already a staple of its fleet.

With a 330ft main boom and a 160ft luffing jib, the Manitowoc 2250 may be used for setting steel and placing heavy industrial components, All said.

Adding a large capacity rough terrain, All bought a Grove 136t (150USt) RT9150E, which it called the world’s largest-capacity RT crane.

The RT9150E has the longest main boom (197 ft/60 m) on any current-production RT crane, it says.

The order also included an 118t (130USt) Grove RT9130E with a 49m (160ft) five-section, full power boom, an 82t (90USt) Grove RT890E with a 43m (142ft) full power boom.

Two pairs of rough terrains in the under 80t capacity filled out the order: a pair of 59t (65USt) Grove RT765E and another pair of 36t (40USt) Grove RT540E.

The most recent eight-crane package included four Grove RT890E with lifting capacities of 82t (90USt) a rough terrain and a crawler.

The two heavyweights of the order were a 272t (300USt) Manitowoc 2250 crawler and an hydraulic 499t (550USt) Grove GMK 7550 all terrain on a seven-axle carrier.

The package included two mid-weight 59t (65 USt) Grove RT765E rough terrains.

All’s president Michael Liptak, explained that the cranes were for forthcoming jobs on roads, plants, mills and bridges:

"We are adding to our already considerable resources to handle incoming jobs in virtually all developed sectors, such as power plants, mills, road or bridge work, and commercial construction, but also in developing sectors such as frack mining, wind farms, and solar energy.

"These mid- to heavy-duty machines are in high demand and the new units helped us meet our unwavering commitment to serving customer needs," said Liptak.

"We are grateful to Manitowoc or Grove; they were very helpful through these past few months," he said.