KOBELCO Cranes Co. claims it now has a market share of more than 30% of worldwide crawler crane sales, making it world market leader in the crawler crane industry.

The company has also claimed considerable success in Europe with the financial report for Kobelco Cranes Europe showing 2004 as the best year of crawler crane sales over past 10 years.

It added: ‘In 2004, Kobelco market share of crawler crane sales in Europe is expected to be even higher than 30% of worldwide crawler crane sales. Cranes with a lifting capacity of 70 up to 250t are very popular and models like the 80 ton CKE800 and 250 ton CKE2500 are among the bestsellers.

‘Since its introduction in Europe at Bauma 2001 Kobelco Cranes Co has sold nearly 200 units in the class of 200-250t over the past four years, which make it the best sold crane model in this class worldwide. A considerable part of this was sold by Kobelco Cranes Europe.’

A significant order for Kobelco Cranes Europe was an agreement with Belgium company Sarens and Dutch companies De Kil, Adrighem, and Nebum for delivery of 10 units of CKE800 crawler cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 80t. This follows delivery of two additional units earlier in the year.