Kobelco CKE2500-2 on Cyprus

The CKE2500-2 will be used for a wide variety of work, from land-based construction projects to offshore platform supply and maintenance work in and around the Mediterranean, Middle East and other parts of the world.

To meet the stringent requirements of this varied work-load, the crane has been specially configured and constructed in Japan. It features a maximum main boom of 91.4m, equipped with a 3m fixed jib. There is an additional sheave in the centre of the jib especially for man-riding, with a separate third winch mounted inside the lower boom, equipped with required additional brake systems, fully Lloyds-approved for man-riding operations at sea.

Particular care has been taken in the construction of the machine, especially in thorough corrosion-resistance treatment for operation in the marine environment. A special 7-layer marine paint has been used and special galvanized corrosion-resistant wire ropes have been used on all four winches and guy cables. In addition, electric emergency back-up systems are installed to enable operation of all functions in the event of an engine failure.

As well as its extensive activities supporting the offshore oil and gas industry, with a fleet of seven tug boats and supply vessels, and several large self-propelled barges, EDT also carries out work on land in Cyprus for major construction and infrastructure projects.