The CK3300G-2, CKE3000G and CKS3000 are the largest models of Kobelco's multi-purpose crawler crane CK/CKE/CKS series.

The manufacturer said it launched these higher lifting capacity cranes in response to the increase in weights and dimensions of construction materials and rise in building heights.

Various kinds of attachments are available ranging from standard crane configuration – including fixed jib, heavy fixed jib and luffing jib, which are most suitable for multipurpose works – to the super heavy lift configuration, including luffing jib, for the heaviest lifts.

When compared to Kobelco’s 250t CKE2500G-2, the load moment in the standard crane specification is 40% higher and in the standard luffing configuration it is 60% higher. “The Super Heavy Lift specification can compete with the 400-500t classes (standard crane specification),” said Kobelco.

The Japanese manufacturer said the performance of these models' undercarriage has been enhanced to operate on rough ground jobsites, with high ground clearance and strong propelling performance, while minimizing the overall footprint. The models inherit the Kobelco hydraulic control system, while a free-fall winch is also available as an option.

Transport width is less than 3m (10ft) for all components and main machine weights can be adjusted with some variations in order to meet transport restrictions.