The new CKE1100 offers a main boom length of 15m to 70m, with a maximum rated load of 110t at 3.6m radius, and the option of fixed jib combinations up to a maximum of 61m plus 21.3m, to give a maximum hook height of around 80m. The 247kW engine is Tier 3 compliant, and incorporates Kobelco’s unique engine speed sensing (ESS) control system with a three-pump hydraulic system, a combination which gives Kobelco cranes their legendary smooth and controllable power delivery.

Transportability has been given close attention: the base machine, with base-boom installed weighs only 40.7t and is 3.2m wide. The separate crawlers and counterweights can be self-installed on site, and when installed, the retractable crawlers are adjustable from 3.5m (retracted) to 5.3m overall width full-extended.

The addition of this model, ideally positioned in the middle of the Kobelco range, is designed to give customers all the features and benefits of a modern, high-specification Kobelco crane in a well-equipped, compact unit, offering strong duties excellent reliability and high manoeuvrability, while still having retractable crawlers.

The standard winches have a 42.4m spooling capacity on the first layer and are factory-sealed. Free-fall is optional with the wet-type, multi-disc, self-adjusting and self-equalizing brake system. Whether you choose standard non-free-fall or free-fall winches, they guarantee quiet and smooth operation, which is also maintenance-free.

The new cab design has larger windows than before and comprehensive LCD displays for LMI (load-moment indicator) and all machine functions, complete with built-in maintenance alerts and diagnostic analysis.

At the show, Kobelco will also exhibit its 80t capacity BME800HD foundation crane. This machine has a basic weight of approximately 81t, and a special heavy-duty main boom of up to 54.9m length. It is powered by the same 247kW engine as the CKE1100, but with additional hydraulic power required for multi-purpose, heavy-duty operations, ranging from clamshell to diaphragm wall-bucket operations. As standard, main and auxiliary winch provide 120m/min max. line speed, 11ton rated line pull and 20 ton max. line pull on main winch and auxiliary winch with 25mm wire rope. Transportability is again another key operational consideration, and in this case the base machine (complete with gantry and tracks in place) weighs 45t, and is within 3.2m wide with the tracks retracted.

This latest machine is scheduled for delivery to Spanish foundation company SILSOIL S.L. based in Madrid. SILSOIL already owns nine Kobelco Heavy-Duty, Multi-Purpose Foundation Cranes.