DAEWOO has ordered three more huge tower cranes for its shipbuilding yard at Okpo, South Korea, which is being extended.

In June it placed an order with Krøll Cranes of Denmark for a 5,000tm K-5000, the world’s second biggest tower crane model. This crane ships at the end of December.

Now Daewoo has added to that order by commissioning another K-5000 as well as a 3,000tm K-3000 and a 4,000tm K-4000. These cranes are to be delivered in May and June 2002.

Like the first order, the second K-5000 has a maximum load of 120t at a radius of 39.1m and can lift 60t at the end of its 70m jib. But while the first unit has a 50m height under hook, the second has a 68m hook height.

Daewoo is a long-standing customer of Krøll, having previously bought seven K-1800 cranes since 1982 as well as several smaller tower cranes.

The new Daewoo orders make 2001 and 2002 easily Krøll’s best years since the mid-1980s when it had an order for 12 units of its 10,000tm crane, the K-10000, for nuclear power stations in the Soviet Union. The K-10000 is the biggest tower crane in the world.