Krandienst Lange’s AC 350/6 was used to dismantle an old power plant in Lubmin, close to the town of Greifswald. The crane was used to dismantle a pair of gantry cranes in an interim storage facility at the site.

The AC 350/6 all terrain crane has a 350t capacity, although it was originally shipped as a 300t capacity machine. However, especially when working with fixed jibs, the crane positioned itself in the 350t class, which was confirmed by Terex after further comprehensive calculations and testing. A no-cost update will be performed on machines that have already been delivered to customers, Terex said.

For the work at the Lubmin power plant, the Terex AC 350/6 was equipped with a 31.7m main boom, 4m adapter and a 22m luffing jib.

The two gantry cranes were dismantled using a tandem lift operation, with a Terex AC 200-1 supporting the Terex AC 350/6. The work was completed in two and a half working days, including assembly and disassembly time for the all terrain cranes.

AC 350/6

“Since I don’t get work for a 350t class crane every day, it is particularly important for the crane to be able to handle a wide range of operations,” said Krandienst Lange owner Torsten Lange.

“The AC 350/6 is an all-rounder that I can use efficiently even for operations suited to the 160t class by using a partial counterweight. For tasks that indeed require a 350t class crane, I need only very little additional transport capacity and can have the crane ready to operate on site in no time.”