Sumner Manufacturing, a recent entry to the UK market, has sold 50 of its Roust-a-Bout wheeled jib cranes to Lifting Gear Hire.

Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) has been a customer of Sumner in the USA for more than 13 years. Sumner opened its UK branch in 2002 and recently secured CE type approval for two of its Roust-a-Bout models, the R12 and the larger R25. LGH has taken 25 of each for its network of rental outlets.

Based in Houston, Texas, Sumner has traditionally sold lifting and welding support products to the oil industry. The Roust-a-Bout was originally designed for handling pipes but according to Sumner is equally useful for a range of applications.

LGH agrees, saying that they ‘have proven to be versatile due to their high lifting capacity (680kg to 7.5m), slim profile and fantastic manoeuvrability’.