The Radiolink plus is capable of both weighing and dynamic load monitoring.

LGH will take a variety of models, including standard long-range (2,300ft or 700m) wireless versions and a number of Bluetooth units, predominantly for internal use.

The order, the value of which is not disclosed, will be delivered in a piecemeal fashion over a two-to-three-year period and will result in 23 LGH rental facilities in the US and Canada stocking exclusively SP product.

The switch to SP follows LGH’s use of its wireless compression load cells, which offer the same range and cable-less benefits as the Radiolink plus products. Additionally, LGH operations in mainland Europe and the UK have recently committed to SP’s range of force measurement products.

Dan Pittman, business sales manager at LGH, pointed to favorable market conditions as the first shipments arrive on US soil. He said: “Business is good and the economy is growing. The forecast for the next several years gives us much cause for optimism. Heavy commercial and industrial construction are certainly marketplaces to note, and U.S. infrastructure projects will continue to require accurate information about the varied loads they lift on a daily basis.”