The reconstructed dome, part of the once-destroyed Berlin Palace, is decorated with eight angel figures and palm leaves, as well as a lantern and a golden cross. Mobi-Hub’s 500t all terrain crane carried out the project in the historic centre of Berlin in June.

The Palace has been under reconstruction since 2013 in the form of a museum. Due to open late 2020, it will add to Berlin’s Museum Island, showing non-European collections and other exhibitions as well as staging public events.

The eight-axle LTM 1500-8.1 crowned the Palace with the magnificent, almost completely historically reconstructed cupola. It had been set up with a 42m luffing lattice jib and 90t of ballast to enable it to hoist the filigree load weighing 9t to a height of 70m.

Mobi-Hub is based in Berlin and in addition to its crane rental services, provides planning, logistics and completion services for industrial and construction projects.