The crane’s flexible boom configuration, excellent load bearing capacities at high radius, precise handling as well as the possibility to travel with the load on the hook were decisive factors for choosing this type of crane.

The crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 160t is applied on the jobsite as both an assembly crane and auxiliary crane. In this role, the LR 1160 has to lift a total of approximately 5,000t of steel structures for assembly and disassembly.

The single steel beams have weights of up to 12t and lengths of up to 24m. Due to the conditions on site the LR 1160 has to work within a maximum radius of up to 60m.

Thanks to the large support area of the basic machine and the particularly stable boom and jib system the LR 1160 has an exceptional load carrying capacity, both for heavy duty tasks with the main jib as well as for operation with the luffing jib.

At the maximum radius of 60m the maximum load capacity of the LR 1160, if equipped with a luffing jib, still amounts to 2.5t. The crane is powered by a 240kW (327hp) Liebherr diesel engine and has two crane winches, each with a rated pull of 12t, for high rope speeds.

In this way rapid lifting and high capacities are attained, even with multiple reeving. The reduced hydraulic base load significantly lowers the crane’s fuel consumption.

The model is equipped with an innovative self-assembly and self-loading system. It can be unloaded and assembled without the aid of an auxiliary crane.

It is first supported on hydraulic jacks and support pads, after which the low-loader can be driven away. The boom foot section is then used to unload and install the crawlers, ballast slabs and boom sections.

The self-assembly system of the LR 1160 proved to be a decisive advantage for this building project. Due to the confined area and ever-changing jobsite conditions the crane’s boom configuration had to be modified several times.

In some cases the crane could only be relocated after the boom had been disassembled. Due to Liebherr’s innovative self-assembly system this was done quickly and economically, without an auxiliary crane.

The high flexibility and efficiency of the model led to an extension of the initial rental contract by an additional six months.