Rigged with 86m of main boom and a 35m luffing jib, along with derrick equipment, the crawler crane is currently being used to complete structural works on the facility.

Throughout the project, which is scheduled for completion by September 2013, the 300-tonner will also be used for the setup of other heavy equipment on site.

However, with the LR 1300’s self assembly and self-loading system, which includes four telescopic jacks on the undercarriage, an assembly cylinder in the A-frame and two counterweight hoisting cylinders at the machine’s rear, there is no other crane required for its own setup.

For the remainder of the project the crane is expected to endure some heavy-duty use, and is currently operating for around 20 hours each day in two shifts.

Liebherr claims the durability of the components and materials used in the crane’s manufacture makes it ideal for this kind of application, along with low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance requirements.

At the moment the LR 1300 is being used to lift steel beams, weighing anything from 4t to 58t, to heights of over 100m for the plant’s construction, but it is expected to be performing even heavy lifts later in the project.