The Indian firm used the Liebherr 71 EC-B 5 FR. tronic with a custom 5.5m steel base, on a 2m concrete block, so that the crane could clear 12 storey-high residential buildings surrounding the construction site on three sides.

“The excavation for the foundations is about 10 m deep,” said Nahalchand Laloochand’s chief engineer, Prakash Parab. “The crane stands at about 45m in height, so to comply with safety requirements for the surrounding buildings we constructed this base on the site, and mounted the crane upon that.”

The 71 EC-B 5 FR. tronic, with it’s 50m-long jib and maximum lifting capacity of 5t, will climb inside the central lift shaft, and from there construct both wings of the new Aravat apartment building.

At 110m-tall, the Aravat residential building will be among the taller buildings being erected in Mumbai, as building height restrictions have recently been removed for parts of the city.

“This is the first tower crane to be purchased by NL,” said Parab. “Now that parts of Mumbai are allowed to have taller buildings we decided to make the investment in the Liebherr brand because of quality and reliability, and with a view towards other high-rise developments.”