Plans are for this solar power complex for thermoelectric and photovoltaic power generation, after completion in 2013, to provide power for some 180,000 households. The experts are confident that the facility has the potential, in comparison with conventional methods, to save the emission of 600,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

The 130 EC-B 6 FR.tronic Flat-Top crane has been mounted on foundation anchors with a hook height of 17 m, established on the roof of the building. The crane has grown in height in step with the construction progress of the solar tower, and in only two months reached a lift height of more than 165 m. Disassembly will take place with the help of a helicopter once the work has been completed.

For this particular project, the 130 EC-B 6 FR.tronic has been set up in the two-line version with a jib length of 40 m, achieving a maximum carrying load of 6,000 kg. Maximum load capacity at the tip is 3,350 kg.

The 30 kW frequency converter hoist gear of the 130 EC-B 6 FR.tronic is suited for rapid and precise load handling. At speeds of up to 126 m/min, the Liebherr Flat-Top crane safely and reliably hoists the parts of the solar installation, some of which are extremely sensitive, up onto the roof of the tower to be incorporated into the structure.

The solar tower consists of a “park” of 1,255 solar mirrors, each of which measures 120 sq m and automatically turn to face the sun with the aid of a motor. Depending on their position in the park and the distance from the solar collector, the solar mirrors have the optimum curvature, which ensures that, despite the rotation of the mirrors, the sun’s rays are always directed at the same absorber point at the tip of the tower. The solar collector on the roof of the facility makes use of the energy obtained from what is referred to as the “Heliostat” (mirror) in order to generate steam. A conventional turbine then drives a generator, and so finally produces the energy. At the same time, the tower also serves to cool down the generated steam once again.