Linden Comansa is launching a new luffing jib crane, the LCL 190, which will be available in two versions, with 12t or 18t lifting capacities. It has a 30–60m jib length, and a maximum height of 49.5m, erected over a 6m cross base, and with S25 mast sections. Commercialisation of the LCL 190 will start after the show.

Another exhibit will be the 21 LC 750, Linden Comansa’s biggest flat top crane yet. Though it was launched in 2009 as a substitute to the LC 8952 crane, Bauma is the first show at which it will appear. Available in 24t, 36t or 48t maximum capacity versions, it has an 80m maximum jib and a freestanding height of 75.5m.

Representing the LC1100 series, Linden Comansa will also exhibit its 8t capacity 11 LC 150, launched in 2008. And in response to the new European Standard EN 14439, it will show the slewing platform of its 5 LC 5010 crane. Updated to comply with the standard, these additions include digital indicators and zoning-control systems, among others.