Kentucky, USA-based crane rental company D Crane Rental replaced old and installed new video boards at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, using its new Link-Belt 175-ton (150-tonne) 175|AT all terrain crane.

The new, larger, 30 ft. x 40 ft. (9 x 12 m) video board made of three sections, 10 ft. (3 m) x 40 ft. (12  m), each weigh 4,500 lbs. (2.041 tonnes).  “We placed the new digital boards last week and built out the frames for new billboards to go alongside,” said D Crane Rental operator, Mark Dukes.

The 175|AT features Link-Belt SmartFly that offers a 55 ft. (16.8 m) three-piece offsettable fly that D Crane Rental used to lift the old framework for the previous video board.

“Great craftsmanship on the SmartFly, I really like it, especially with the wireless remote, it is really easy to use. When we get in a tight city spot, and you’ve got walls or the canopy like we do here up high, having the SmartFly is very handy in an application like this,” said Dukes.

Hamilton County officials purchased the new $590,000 video board for upgrade and replacement of an exterior stadium marquee at Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The boards are in direct line-of-sight to motorists crossing the Brent Spence Bridge on Interstate 75/Interstate 71 over the Ohio River.