Link-Belt has re-worked its 150 US ton (136t) LS 238 H crawler crane in response to the challenge presented by Manitowoc’s model 555. First units ship to distributors next month.

The LS 238 H, supplied by parent company Sumitomo of Japan, was first introduced in December 1995 and has dominated its market segment in North America since that time. Last year Manitowoc launched its 555, also rated at 136t, as a replacement for its old 3900 model.

Link-Belt’s new LS 238 H5, also from Sumitomo, has increased capacities, more boom, a new cab, and easier set up/strip down and transportability.

‘We’ve made a great crane even better,’ claimed Pat Collins, Link-Belt’s senior product manager for lattice boom cranes. ‘The features we’ve added make the 238 H5 unbeatable in its class.’

The lower section of the crane has been re-designed with longer side frames to give a bigger lifting base. It now has a total of 63.5t (140,000 lb) of counterweight, which is 23.1t (51,000 lb) more than its predecessor. As a result, in parts of the chart it can lift 10 US ton more than before, Link-Belt says.

A new hydraulic lift system has been designed to mount all of the upper counterweights. Side frame counterweights self install, also using the boom base and a 3m (10ft) self-assembly section. The same boom base and self-assembly section are used to attach the treads. These are 7.52m (25ft) long and have an overall width of 5.84m (19ft. 2in).

The tread members have 1.12m (44 inch) self-cleaning track shoes, sealed track rollers, idler and drive planetaries, hydraulic track tension and compact hydrostatic drives – designed for maintenance free operation. The crane is equipped with hydraulic jacks for track removal and loading. The complete machine, with maximum boom and jib, is transported in seven loads. Only tracks and boom sections need to be removed.

Main boom, of tube construction, is a maximum 79.25m (260ft) long. Bar pendants are new and attach to the boom extension to aid storage.

A fan-post style luffing attachment is available, to give a maximum tip height of 105.8m (347ft). At maximum working radius of 71m (233ft) it can lift 1.4t (3,100 lb).

An optional third drum is available with 9.3t (20,555 lb) maximum line pull and 111.3m/min (365ft/min) maximum line speed. Clamshell/dragline rating is 10.3t (22,700 lb) with 30.5m (100ft) of tubular boom.

A hydraulic, fan-driven, remote mounted hydraulic oil cooler with thermostatic control ensures cool running of hydraulic oil and components in duty cycle applications.

Gone is the PAT DS 350 load moment indicator of the old model and in comes the new Sumitomo SML-10 that monitors the load via the boom hoist dead end instead of through the sheave. This system is used on the 100t class LS 308 H II, launched at Conexpo 2002.

Features of the new operator’s cab include six-way adjustable seat, backlit gauges, adjustable armrest-mounted single-axis controls, and hydraulic pedals with minimal pedal range of motion. Air conditioning is standard.