Link-Belt says the 140USt truck crane, first unveiled at ConExpo 2008, is the strongest and most versatile in its class, warranting the upgrade of its engines, transmission, control system and cabs to keep it up-to-date.

Each HTC-3140 is now fitted with Link-Belt’s Pulse crane operating system, which provides real-time monitoring of several crane operations, from boom latching to counterweight installation and removal, and diagnostic information when problems occur.

It can also be used as a rated capacity limiter as it can account for the maximum allowable load and the actual load on the hook, along with crane geometry, wind speed, overload and two-block conditions.

To achieve Tier 4 interim/Stage 3B compliance Link-Belt has fitted a 160kW Cummins QSB 6.7 engine to the crane upper and a 434kW Cummins ISX15, which uses selective catalyst reduction to reduce emissions along with a diesel particulate filter, on the carrier.

The carrier engine allows the crane to achieve 65mph on the road, and is compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 guidelines.

The new engines are also linked to a new transmission system. An Eaton Ultrashift Plus transmission system now allows no-clutch-pedal shifting between 11 forward speeds and three reverse speeds, along with two-speed auxiliary transmission for manoeuvring on compact jobsites.

It also features a ‘Hill Start Aid’ function to prevent rolling when starting up the crane parked on a gradient.

Features on the HTC-3140’s cabs have also been improved for ease of operation, from the ability to tilt the upper cab 20° when operating at high boom angles, to upgraded gauge and control placement on the carrier.

The crane incorporates the new outrigger controls and self-leveling function first seen earlier this year on Link-Belt’s US-manufactured all terrain, the ATC-3275, and complies with the latest OSHA regulations, featuring lights on each outrigger.

Link-Belt says it has achieved these upgrades without any increase in the HTC-3140s overall weight.