PAT Group is offering a new range of LMI systems and overload safety devices for cranes and construction equipment. The iFLEX5 range is a new generation LMI system for mobile cranes and is to be fitted as standard on all new US-built Grove cranes (RTs and truck cranes), according to PAT. National Crane is using the new DS160 PAT LMI.

PAT, from Ettlingen in Germany, describes its new range as ‘a construction machinery control system that merges ultimate user convenience with maximum communication abilities.’ Hardware efficiency and many standard interfaces mean that a single system can run a variety of programs, or multi-task, which is new to this type of application, PAT says. Crane loads are monitored at various reaches and there are programs for managing function cycles. And if at any time the iFLEX5 control unit falls short several systems can be upgraded into one distributed network.

Programmable functionality means that iFLEX5 systems can quickly and cheaply be adapted to an OEM’s specific requirements. Software tools such as 1131 Pro (the PAT version of the international IEC 1131-3 standard) and Genersys are supported. This integration of hardware and software allows, for instance, crane developers to cycle machine function flows swiftly and efficiently, using standard interfaces which saves time and money.

In addition to digital inputs/outputs, iFLEX5 has high resolution analogue connections for power output sensors. Besides the one plug-in connector, additional features are fast hardware counters and a CAN interface with CAN Open Standard support.

New PAT overload safety devices DS 60 and DS 85 have been developed for small cranes and loading gear. This generation of safety devices uses state-of-the-art field bus technology already well-established in the automotive industry. Benefits include low installation costs and compact dimensions: the entire control/drive unit is contained in a plug-in cassette the size of a car radio. Despite such small dimensions the module houses a two-line dot-matrix display. In contrast to analogue systems CAN bus technology offers the possibility of extended system diagnosis for shortened start-up and servicing times.

The DS 85 is intended for use in smaller cranes and the DS 60 has the necessary functions for monitoring teleloaders and stackers. Both the DS 60 and DS 85 are ideal for complex applications, PAT says.