Load cells used to lift crane barge boom

30 April 2015 by Daniel Searle

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Caspian Marine Services used Straightpoint load cells to remove and reinstall a 300t crane boom on a 600t crane barge in Azerbaijan.

The project produced a number of challenges for the company, including the unknown gross weight and centre of gravity of the crane boom, and boom heel pins that had not been removed before.

Lifting and marine products provider Rigmarine supplied Straightpoint 300t wireless compression load cells, used to conduct an engineering and feasibility study prior to completion of the full project.

This included removal of the boom heel pins with custom-built hydraulic systems, jacking up on the boom to determine the gross weight and centre of gravity, and the reinstatement of the boom.

Mike Duncan, managing director at Rigmarine, said: "Straightpoint's 300t wireless compression load cells were the perfect component for the removal and reinstallation project given the challenging nature of the work and their reputation for accuracy, safety and versatility on demanding projects like this."

Always a weigh: Straightpoint load cells were used to weigh a crane boom on a project in Azerbaijan.