Cormach launched its eight-extension 255-E8 at the SAIE exhibition in Bologna, Italy last October. This crane is aimed at building materials suppliers and is in the medium, 25tm class. Maximum hydraulic outreach is 20m at which the 255-E8 can pick 540kg. Another new model, the 285-E, is due for launch and has similar boom length but two knuckle cylinders instead of one so it can be fitted with a four-extension fly jib. This type of crane is popular in Switzerland and Austria, export manager Giulio de Luca says, and also in the USA where it is used to deliver wall board panels.

A recent launch of four models from Fassi includes the F540A which extends the company’s range upwards. At maximum reach of 21.25m with eight extensions the F540A.28 lifts 1.7t. The standard reach model (7.8m) F540A.22, with two extensions has a load moment of 52.8tm.

Amco Veba also has four new models: 38tm with eight extensions, 28tm with six extensions, and 3tm and 5tm models with three and four extensions respectively, which each have one more extension than the old models they replace. The 38tm and 28tm models fill gaps in the range.

Flli Ferrari launched its model 550 to fill a gap in the range, now comprising more than 100 models, between the 545 and 560. The company’s Power Boost system has been added to models 718, 722, 932 and 940 to create four new models – 720, 725 935 and 945. The system gives increased capacity at the flick of a switch by raising the hydraulic pressure and reducing the oil flow to give a slower rate of movement which can be useful when lifting heavy glass panels, for example. The 10% increase on the normal 280bar operating pressure gives between 9% and 15% extra lifting capacity, depending on the position on the load chart. A new system, of electronic control, allows the crane to move back to a safe working position when it has reached a 100% load situation. The system can also be used to control attachments such as a winch and jib.

Italian machinery manufacturer Eurocomach is offering its articulated wheeled loader, model E.265, with a Ferrari crane mounted in front of the cab through the engine cover (pictured on p14). Targeted applications are horticulture and nursery work where the crane, fitted with a man basket, gives access with less crop damage.

PM’s new Series 34 includes the option of a seventh hydraulic extension to give a maximum hydraulic horizontal outreach of 19.1m and 22.6m vertically. A double connecting rod system allows bulky loads to be lifted higher. It is suitable for trucks with a GVW of 24t.

Tadano launched four models last year: the ZR-230 series (2,330kg at 1.7m), the ZR-290 (3,030kg at 1.5m/1.45m), the ZR-300 (3,030kg at 2.6m/

2.55m/2.4m) and the ZR-360 series (3,030kg at 2.6m/2.55m/

2.4m). It exhibited the ZR-300 at Conexpo last year.

Venturo Manufacturing has added another mast truck crane to its range. The CE6K is suitable for utility bodies, flatbeds, pickup trucks and van bodies. Maximum capacity is 2,000lb (907kg) and load moment is rated at 6,000ft/lb (830kg/m). The 15 position manually adjusted boom gives lifting radii of up to 2.3m. It can be elevated at 20°, 40° or 60°. Both DC and AC winches are available, as are outriggers for all body types.