Luna has come to market with a new 40t capacity all-terrain model. The AT 40/35 is a three-axle taxi crane featuring a five-section main boom that extends to 35m.

Gross vehicle weight, including complete 6.5t counterweight, boom, hook and filled tanks is 35t, giving an additional 1t for transporting ropes, slings, sockets and other accessories, and still meet 12t per axle regulations.

On fully extended outriggers and with main boom fully extended, its chart shows that the crane can lift 500kg at 32m radius or 7.7t at 10m.

The carrier chassis has two axles at the front and one at the back, in contrast to German manufacturers Liebherr and Demag who have just switched to two rear axles on their latest three-axle models to enable them to maximise counterweight. Luna argues that having two front axles, with continuous road drive on the second and third axles, improves the vehicles turning radius and eliminates the carrying effect associated with two back axles and one at the front.

The carrier, which has all-wheel steering and crab steering, can be driven from both cabs. Powered by a 205kW Mercedes engine, it reaches speeds of 80km/h and can drive up gradients of up to 60%. Kessler axles, Allison transmission and hydraulic components from Rexroth, Denison and Beringer are also used.

An optional lattice swingaway jib offers either 8.5 m or 15m of extra reach and can be offset at 0º, 15º or 30º. A quick connection system, with small cylinders, aids installation of the jib on the boom head.

The electronic control system of the crane can be programmed to prevent the boom moving into specified areas and allows the automatic preselection of boom length. A data recorder, or ‘black box’, can be incorporated as an option.