Uplifter, Maeda’s German distributor, was selected for the job and used a Maeda MC285CRM(E)-2, along with a searcher hook and vacuum system, supplied by the distributor, the UPG 600-2 .

The searcher hook was used because the windows had to be placed behind steel beams. Panes of glass that weighed more than 380kg were mounted using the vacuum unit attached to the searcher hook. The UPG 600-2 is fully battery operated with 360° rotation, eight suction cups and a weight of 83kg. The lift capacity is 600kg and the device can be chipped to 90° angle.

The MC285CRM(E)-2 was chosen because the job required a crane that ran on a electric motor within the building. The searcher hook needed to be adjusted in various positions as there was only a 2cm gap when handling the glass.

The Centro shopping center is a 90,000 sq m area comprising more than 200 stores over three floors.