Mammoet and Tiong Woon Corporation strategic alliance in Thailand

25 January 2024

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Partnership for turnkey project logistics and heavy lifting services aims to boost companies’ market positions in the region.

Netherlands-headquartered engineered heavy lifting and transport company Mammoet and heavy lift specialist and service provider Tiong Woon Corporation have joined forces to bolster their operations and market position in Thailand ­– a region where Tiong Woon already has a strong presence.

The collaborative venture marks a significant milestone, Mammoet claims, capitalising on the collective strengths of both companies' services and assets. Mammoet hopes the partnership will create what it describes as ‘a powerhouse’ capable of delivering turnkey solutions for projects across a spectrum of industry sectors.

As such, the synergy between Mammoet's global expertise and Tiong Woon's established regional footprint looks to capitalise on the companies’ individual strengths whilst also leveraging their combined experience and resources.

Mr. Ang Guan Hwa, executive director and CEO of Tiong Woon Corporation, expressed enthusiasm about the alliance, stating: "We are excited about the opportunities this strategic alliance with Mammoet in Thailand brings to our organisation and customers. This is yet another chapter in the Group’s growth story in the right direction.

“We will be positioned to deliver a wider suite of exceptional services to our customers. We believe that this broadening of our strategic partnership with Mammoet in the Asia Pacific region augurs well for further growth in the region.”

Mr. Tom Rutgrink, commercial director Mammoet Asia Pacific, commented: "Tiong Woon was a natural choice for a partner for us in Thailand. Its experience and local footprint will complement Mammoet’s capabilities, expertise and the industry’s largest fleet of lifting and transport equipment. The partnership signifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in the heavy lifting and transport industry. We look forward to leveraging our collective capabilities to provide integrated project solutions and drive success for our customers in Thailand and beyond.”

Ang Guan Hwa (left), executive director and CEO of Tiong Woon Corporation, and Paul van Gelder, CEO of Mammoet, during the signing ceremony