OJSC Naftan is a large petrochemical complex which produces various types of fuels, lube oils and bitumen, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

An expansion programme has been underway at the site since 2011. This will increase refining output to 12 million tons per year, due to a large-scale production modernization that increases refining depth to 92%.

Recently, Mammoet Russia assembled the last element of the metal structure, which brought the plant to a record height of 113m for the technological facilities in Belarus.

The heaviest unit weighed 365t, and the coke drums 450t. Mammoet’s in-house developed ring crane, the PTC 35 DS, carried out the lifting operations.

Its capacity, small footprint, long reach and versatility enabled to work well within the limited area on-site and use the available space as efficiently as possible.

Through this crane, with a lifting capacity of up to 1,600t and a reach up to 120 meters, the number of lifting operations was reduced to nine and the project schedule as a whole was reduced by several months.