In August 2021 international heavy lift and transportation company Mammoet transported two transformers weighing approximately 159 tonnes (350,000 lbs.) each from Freeport, Texas, USA, to a solar plant 72 km (45 miles) away.

Mammoet received the transformers from Monterrey, Mexico, via BNSF’s freight railroad network. The transformers were transloaded by jack and slide to Mammoet’s Scheuerle K25 trailers with Holland dollies, which were necessary in order to cross a number of bridges along the route.

In total three bridges were crossed. The image shows the crossing of Highway 36 over the Btazos River. In order to cross the bridges safely Mammoet had to temporarily stop traffic.

Mammoet teams in Mexico and the USA assisted with logistics throughout the project and decided to transport both transformers simultaneously to increase cost savings and efficiency.

According to Mammoet the job took considerable planning. This started with selecting a suitable location to receive the railcar from Mexico, so it visited multiple rail sidings before selecting the sidings at The Port of Freeport. During the transportation power lines had to be raised temporarily and a police escort was also required. In selecting the route Mammoet had to find a way in which the bridges were strong enough and there weren’t too many power lines. The transportation also had to be carried out in one day as there were no suitable parking spots along the route. Ultimately the 9 m (29 ft.) long transformers were delivered successfully to their destination on schedule.