The refinery will be the largest commercial project to date to use Enviro-mat, Mammoet’s innovative and sustainable solution for ground reinforcement. Working closely with the company’s local partner in Nigeria, Northridge Engineering Limited, Mammoet will offer a unique combination of both ground reinforcement and heavy lifting and transport works for the $10bn refinery. The Dangote Refinery will be the largest single train refinery in the world, with the capacity to process 650,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

Such a large-scale project requires extensive ground preparation works before any lift can take place. Enviro-Mat provides a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable alternative for ground reinforcement. Combined with the native soil and cement, the Enviro-Mat additive increases the ground bearing capacity up to 50t/m². It is also quick to install and therefore offers particular advantages on sites where ground reinforcement is required on a large area within a short timeframe. In this case, Mammoet will apply the product to lay down areas, hard stands and crane pads equating to over 500,000m² of the site, which is located on reclaimed swamp land.

“Enviro-Mat was the best solution for this job given the characteristics of the land, as well as the speed of application to such a large area,” said Ronald Kleinjan, director, Mammoet Heavy Duty Pavement. “Enviro-Mat can be applied to any type of soil on site which means it is faster to install than conventional methods and requires less transport of materials and preparatory ground work, which also reduces carbon footprint.

“As Mammoet’s presence in West Africa grows, it is a great flexible solution for projects in the region—and Africa in general—because it is easy to transport to site, and it is quick and less disruptive to install,” he continued.

“The African climate is ideal for applying the Enviro-Mat stabilization technique. The constant temperature of 28–31°C and the high moisture content create the perfect conditions for binding the soil, cement and additive. The result is a highly durable and reliable solution for many different applications.”