Potain’s newest crane model will be the largest in Potain’s MD range, with a 550tm rating, and is designed provide an easily transportable tower crane support for major infrastructure projects.

Manitowoc say the lift performance of the MD 560 B is improved by 12% compared to earlier models in the range, offering better tip loads and load curves in the majority of configurations.

These advantages are already being put to use at the Atocha railway station expansion in Madrid, where Manitowoc’s Spanish dealer, Ibergruas, has supplied two 25t MD 560 B’s configured with the maximum 80m jib length.

Ibergruas sales manager, Diego Jurado, said: “It only took six regular work days to unload 11 trucks, prepare the ground, erect and commission the highest MD 560 B.

“We were really pleased, especially since the site has restricted access and many surrounding electrical lines, and we had to make several mobile crane lifts from long radii. Overall, this new MD crane seems to have much faster and easier erection.”

Manitowoc has designed the MD 560 B’s jib mast sections to be assembled either at ground level or in three sections in the air, giving the operator the option to erect it using three small lifts or one bigger lift.

Both versions use 2.45 x 2.45 mast sections, the 20t version uses K849 mast sections while the 40t MD 560 B uses reinforced K850 versions, designed for supporting heavier lifting.

The 25t MD 560 B’s at Atocha rail terminal are equipped with 100 LVF 63 winches, which allow the cranes to lift 5.4t at maximum radius.

In the same configuration the 40t MD 560 B can lift a maximum 7.5t at its maximum radius, with it’s lifting powered by the 201kW 270 LVF hoist. The 270 LVF 100 features a 10t lifting capacity per line, and can operate with a maximum of four falls of rope.