On the wheeled mobile side, the company had a new all terrain, the GMK6400-1; a rough terrain, the GRT8120; and boom truck, the NBT40-2. On tracks, was the new MLC150-1. And, in the Potain tower crane line, the new hydraulic luffer, the MRH 175, and topless MDT 569. Two of these, the GMK6400-1 and MDT 569, were launched ‘virtually’, while the other four were on display for visitors to inspect directly.

The 400t (450USt) six-axle GMK 6400-1 was shown using VR technology, to allow customers to view the crane’s details. The crane boosts the reach of its predecessor, with a 60m main boom and 136m tip height. It has been fitted with Manitowoc’s CCS crane control system, and MaxBase variable outriggers.

The GRT8120 is a 120t 60m boom rough terrain, able to reach to 80.8m. Manitowoc says this gives it the longest boom and strongest load chart in its class. A new compact carrier with flat decking makes access and manoeuvrability easier on site. Like the GMK 6400-1, it makes use of MaxBase, which was not available on the earlier GRT8100.

The new boom truck series, NBT40-2, is a ‘re-engineering’ of the NBT40-1 and NBT50L series, upgrading the product in terms of capacity, reach, comfort and advanced features, while maintaining the same overall weight as the NBT40-1. Customers can choose between 40 or 45USt capacity, and a 127ft or 142 ft main boom. It will offer a two-piece 31–55ft telescoping jib for a maximum tip height of 150ft, or 204ft with jib.


The new crawler, the MLC150-1, is the successor to the MLC100, the first of a new line of smaller, practical, crawlers developed at Shady Grove. It has a 165USt (150t) base capacity and a maximum boom length of 256ft (78m). A fixed jib of 80ft with a 29.5USt capacity is available for the crane, and a 170ft luffing jib with a capacity of 50.2USt is also offered.

The company showed its first hydraulic luffer, the MRH 125, a year ago. The new MRH 175 lifts up to 10t (11USt), with a 55m (180ft) jib, which can be kept to an out-of-service radius of 10m, regardless of jib length. The crane can be erected to a freestanding height of 206ft, and carries enough rope to lift from a height of 478m in two-fall operation.

The topless MDT 569 was also launched, but not shown in the iron, at the show. Fitting the trend for larger topless cranes, it is sold in 22USt (20t), 27.6USt (25t) and 35.3USt (32t) versions, while its maximum jib length is 262ft (80m).