“With the MAX-ER, not only can you raise longer length booms, but at any given radius the capacity is also better with MAX-ER,” says Al Kadow, lattice-boom product marketing manager.

The standard boom length is 96 m (315 ft) on the 16000. With the MAX-ER, boom length can be increased to 120 m (394 ft). With the addition of a luffing jib, there is an even more dramatic increase. Typically, the 16000 can handle a 54 m (177 ft) boom with a 84 m (275 ft) jib, for a total reach of 138 m (452 ft). But with the MAX-ER, the crane can support a 90 m (295 ft) boom and a 84 m (275 ft) luffing jib, a total of 174 m (570 ft) of reach.

For the first time on a Manitowoc crane, this MAX-ER is equipped with a hydraulically driven stinger. According to Kadow, this allows the operator in the cab to hydraulically adjust the position of the MAX-ER behind the crane. The mechanical stinger required manual adjustment.

The 16000 was launched at Conexpo in 2005 and is often used for wind turbine installations and lifting jobs in petrochemical and fabrication yards.

The attachment was launched at a customer days event in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania. During the event, Manitowoc Crane CARE hosted a live demonstration of the new ‘e-training’ program. The program features on-line courses in basic mechanical and pneumatic systems, as well as mobile hydraulic and mobile electric systems for cranes.