The GMK6300L, released at Bauma in 2010, was marketed at Intermat for common Middle Eastern applications, such as rapid assembly of high capacity tower cranes and maintenance of oil and gas facilities. Its lifting capacity of 300t and a boom length of 80m.

Al-Mesallam purchased the GMK6300L cranes the through Manitowoc dealer Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo. Orders for the crane also came from Al Tamini, of Saudi Arabia and Sinan Heavy lifting of Oman.

Manitowoc also displayed a Potain MDT 268 tower crane, coming in capacities of 10 or 12t.

Both cranes have been introduced to the region within the past few years.

David Semple, Manitowoc’s vice president of sales to the Middle East and South Africa, explained that the cranes were adapted for changing market demands.

“As projects in the Middle East continue to push boundaries, contractors are looking to companies like Manitowoc for innovative solutions that help them solve problems on time and on budget, “ Semple said. “Both the GMK6300L and MDT 268 have features that set them apart and help customers in the Middle East with the challenges they are facing. Although they are relatively new, we have already made deliveries of both in this region and they have helped major companies on some high profile projects.”