Manitowoc says the GSK55 ‘combines the lift ability of Grove all-terrain cranes with the flexibility and mobility of a standard on-road truck.’

Senior product manager all terrains Michael Preikschas says, “The GSK is a more affordable option for our customers that want Grove all terrain performance from their cranes but do not necessarily need the off-road ability that the GMK range offers.”

The GSK 55 has its own power source, a 93kW Iveco engine mounted on the trailer. The standard design of the trailer means it is not tied to one brand of tractor, Manitowoc says, and can be steered from the left- or right-hand side.

The three-axle trailer can be pulled by a two-axle tractor, and will put down only 9t per axle with its full counterweight of 11.6t.

The crane’s lifting specifications match the GMK3055, the all terrain that provided the upper structure: it can lift 55t, and has a 43m main boom. An optional 8.7m/15m swingaway jib is available, for a maximum tip height of 60m.