Milwaukee, Wisconsin-USA headquartered crane manufacturer Manitowoc has introduced the MDLT 1109. It is its largest and most advanced Potain tower crane and has been designed specifically for the European market.

Manitowoc believes the crane will appeal to construction companies building large-scale infrastructure projects in Europe. With a 40t maximum capacity and 11.1t capacity at 80m maximum reach it is well-suited to lifting heavier prefabricated elements that are increasing being used in infrastructure work, Manitowoc claims.

The crane’s light weight and flexible configuration enable erection in complex environments, including on dams and viaducts and in shipyards, the company adds.

Manitowoc says the MDLT 1109 builds on the success of the former MD 1100 with a more compact footprint, easier transportation, and more efficient assembly.

Key advancements include the use of the 2.45m K850 mast family which offers a smaller footprint than the 4m mast available on the former MD 1100. This translates to easier transport in fewer trucks and faster, more efficient assembly.

The crane is also available with two different lifting hoists: the 150 HPLTM 100 or the 270 LVF GH Optima.

While the MD 1100 was a standard top slewing crane (with mast head), the MDLT 1109 is a low-top crane with compact overall dimensions (less than 6 m above the jib), which enables it to work seamlessly alongside other cranes on a jobsite.

Other modern features on the MDLT 1109 include P+ load curves for higher hoisting capacities, the Potain CCS (Crane Control System), the new Potain CONNECT telematics system for remote access to crane data based on applications for all users (technician, service manager, fleet manager, job site manager etc.) for increased performance and durability. The option is also given to include a Potain Cab-IN internal mast lift for operators.

“The MDLT 1109 is a game-changer for European infrastructure projects. It combines unprecedented power with surprising ease of transport and setup – a combination that will accelerate project timelines and redefine what’s possible in large-scale construction,” says Thibaut Le Besnerais, vice-president of marketing and development for tower cranes at Manitowoc.

The top-slewing crane is primarily manufactured at the Manitowoc factory in Moulins, France.